Sophos SG 115 BasicGuard

Sophos SG 115 Appliance,
12 MOS BasicGuard subscription
8x5 support.
Cannot be un-bundled.

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Sophos SG 115 Appliance,
12 MOS BasicGuard subscription
8x5 support.
Cannot be un-bundled.

Our BasicGuard subscription incorporates all the essential security features you need for your small business. Should you want to extend your protection even further, you can upgrade to a FullGuard license at any time. BasicGuard is only available with the SG 105, SG 115, SG 105w and SG 115w appliances.

Sophos UTM BasicGuard - subscription overview

Basic Guard provides an attractive entry-level feature set, especially suited to smaller businesses. It incorporates all the essential security features, but at a lower price.


  • A slightly cut-down version of UTM FullGuard, designed for smaller businesses with a smaller budget, but still providing a high level of IT-Security.
  • Contains all four important packages: Wireless Protection, Email Protection, Web Protection, and Network Protection (some reduced features).
  • Endpoint Subscription is available as an option if required.
  • Upgrade options to UTM FullGuard via MyUTM, without a hardware change.

Differences between BasicGuard and FullGuard

  • BasicGuard is only available for UTM 100/110 and SG 105/115.
  • FullGuard is available for all models except UTM100.

FeaturesBasic GuardFull Guard
Wireless Protection 1 external AP only Yes 
Wireless Mesh Networks No Yes
Hotspot Voucher Support No Yes
Hotspot Terms of use & Password of the day support Yes Yes
Webserver Protection No Yes 
Geo IP Filtering Yes  Yes 
RED-Support No Yes 
IPSec Remote Access  Yes  Yes 
Amazon VPC Support Yes  Yes 
IPSec Remote Access Yes  Yes 
SSL Remote Access  Yes  Yes 
Cisco VPN Client Support No Yes 
HTML5 VPN Portal No Yes 
SSL & IPSec Site-to-Site VPN Yes  Yes 
IPS Yes  Yes 
IPS performance tuning No Yes 
DoS Yes  Yes 
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) No Yes 
VoIP Yes  Yes 
Application Visibility & Control  Yes  Yes 
HTTPS Inspection Yes  Yes 
Individual Web Protection Profiles No Yes 
Web Policy Tester No Yes 
Time Period Definitions No Yes 
FTP AV Yes  Yes 
SMTP Profiles No Yes 
SMTP Relay No Yes 
SMTP Email AV only incoming mails,Single AV Engine  Yes(Dual AV) 
POP3 Email AV  Single AV Engine    Yes(Dual AV)
POP3 AntiSpam  No  Yes
Dual AV Scanners Single AV Engine Yes 
SMTP AntiSpam RBLs  Yes 
Email Encryption No Yes 
Host based Mail relay No  Yes
Email DLP No Yes 
Dynamic Routing OSPF Yes 
DNS Request Routing No Yes 
Authentication Server Support Yes  Yes 
One Time Password Authentication No Yes 
WAN Link Balancing 2 links only Yes 
Multipath Rules No Yes 
High Availability A/P Yes 
Link Aggregation No Yes 
Server Load Balancing No Yes 
DMZ Support Yes  Yes 
VLAN Support  Yes  Yes 
Traffic Shaping  No Yes 
 Local Log Storage Yes  Yes 
OnBox Reporting Yes  Yes 
Remote Logfile Archives No Yes 
Remote Syslog Servers  Yes  Yes 
Archived/Custom Executive Reports No Yes 
Interactive Web Usage Reports Yes  Yes 
Advanced Web Reports (Search Engine, Departments, Scheduled, App.Ctrl) No Yes 
Email Reports Yes  Yes 
Reporting Exception No Yes 
Report Anonymization No Yes 
Ready for Central Endpoint Management Yes  Yes 
SUM Management  Yes  Yes 
Sophos Mobile Control - Network Access Control No Yes 

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