Secure Mobile Access 7200

Secure Mobile Access 7200

Secure Mobile Access 6200

Easy, secure mobile and remote access for the enterprise. Secure mobile and remote access for mid-size companies and enterprise departments. Control access from many device types to company applications through one gateway to reduce deployment and management costs.

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Easy, secure mobile and remote access for the enterprise.

Secure mobile and remote access for mid-size companies and enterprise departments. Control access from many device types to company applications through one gateway to reduce deployment and management costs. Ensure secure mobile and remote access for the enterprise. Get scalable, secure mobile access for your enterprise while blocking untrusted apps, WiFi pirates and mobile malware. With SMA appliances for enterprise, you can speed mobile deployment and lower IT costs.


  • Experience award-winning SSL VPN
  • Make access easier for everyone
  • Provide simple solutions for mobile users
  • Protect your organization from malware and rogue access
  • Secure resources from personal devices
  • Lower your costs and reap faster ROI
  • Boost productivity

Key Features

Add flexibility with a mobility solution for every device

Enable access for Windows, Apple Mac OS, iOS, Google Android™ and Linux devices, plus ActiveSync support for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Securely access your critical applications and resources from anywhere

The SonicWALL Mobile Connect app provides your employees with fast, policy-enforced SSL VPN access to allowed resources. Mobile Connect is embedded in Windows Phone 8.1 and available for quick download for Apple iOS and Mac OSX users from the App Store, for Google Android users from Google Play and for Kindle Fire users from the Kindle store.

Provide enhanced clientless access

SMA 11.2 adds secure access to more resources using a standard HTML 5 browser, further enhancing the true clientless experience and reducing the reliance on troublesome Java and ActiveX components. SMA now provides HTML 5 browser access to Citrix Xendesktop and Xenapps (ICA support), as well as RDP published apps and desktops. HTML 5 ensures zero day support for new devices and operating systems. It provides users of devices that traditionally don’t support Java or ActiveX, such as iOS mobile devices, fast and convenient access to allowed resources.

Integrate SMA seamlessly with EMM

SMA Appliances integrate with all leading Enterprise Mobility Management products, including Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), to provide the most secure end-to-end mobile management and security solution for BYO, CYO and managed devices. While EMM establishes on-device data protection policies and app management, SMA completes the end-to-end data protection and security solution. It does so by enforcing access control policy to ensure that VPN access is granted only to trusted users and devices, only via authorized and validated mobile apps, and only to allowed company networks and resources.

Validate security state of mobile devices

With SMA, prior to granting access, mobile devices are interrogated for essential security information such as jailbreak or root status, device ID, certificate status and OS version. Only devices that meet configured security policy requirements are allowed access. SMA also assesses the security posture of the device by looking for security components such as anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Secure access to corporate resources from personal and corporate devices

SMA lets you enforce policy to designate that only authorized mobile business applications, including secure containers and VDI, are granted access to the network. Importantly, the SMA solution can support any mobile app or secure container with no modification, app wrapping or SDK development. This speeds deployment and reduces costs. In addition to establishing per-app VPN access policy, SMA validates the digital signature of the mobile app prior to granting access, ensuring the integrity of the app and further reducing the risk of malware infecting the corporate network.

Enforce and report on mobile device policy acceptance

SMA also helps enforce mobile device policy acceptance and reporting to reduce business risk and meet legal and compliance requirements. You can enforce acceptance of customizable personal device authorization policies prior to granting users access to network resources and data from their mobile devices. SMA supports per user and group policies. If the policy is updated, the user is presented with the updated policy for acceptance.

Gain faster ROI with lower cost-of-ownership

Lower costs by letting your network managers easily manage and deploy a single, secure gateway that uses SSL VPN and network access control technology to extend client and clientless access for all users to more critical network resources, including web apps, hosted apps, virtual desktop, file shares and back connect apps such as VoIP, reducing management overhead and support calls.

Help your employees be more productive

Enable your employees to be more productive by providing easy access to more files, applications and systems from more devices, operating systems and environments than any other secure mobile access solution.

Simplify management

Unified Policy offers easy object-based policy management of all users, groups, resources and devices, while enforcing granular control based on both user authentication and endpoint interrogation.

Platform Features

  • Mobile Connect
  • Smart Access Controls
  • SMA Connect
  • Native Access Modules
  • Unified Policy
  • End Point Control
  • WorkPlace
  • Secure Virtual Assist

Service & Software License Options

Add capacity instantly when needed most

Increase your remote user count in the event of a disaster, business disruption or seasonal spike, with the SonicWALL Spike License Pack. This temporary capacity add-on license includes global 24/7 customer service and support for the duration of the spike period.

Add remote support

Get a cost-effective alternative to traditional remote support tools with SonicWALL Secure Virtual Assist. Generate advanced reporting Evaluate and track all remote user access to your enterprise resources, and generate custom or standard reports with SonicWALL Advanced Reporting™.

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