cryptshare for outlook

Outlook like you've never experienced it before:

Send and receive encrypted e-mails and large files with the all new Cryptshare for Outlook V2!

Are you already using Cryptshare for Outlook V2?

Many of our customers have tested this new version and have provided us with very positive feedback. This encourages us to keep on improving our products and we would like to have you enjoy the newest features and improved usability as well.

With our new add-in we bring you all the benefits of Cryptshare to your familiar working environment of MS Outlook.

Encrypt e-mails, send and receive large files securely no matter who you are sending them to and make compliance easy for your company. All of that straight from Outlook.

  • Without exchanging certificates
  • No extra user accounts
  • No registration needed
  • Ad-hoc and highly secure

Version 2 is a completely re-engineered edition of our Outlook integration with many new features, for users and administration alike - and all within a more reliable architecture bringing you a wealth of cutting-edge functionality.

Take a look at the exciting features:

New features at a glance:

Cryptshare Server V3.10:

  • New design of the notification mails. These are no longer sent in text, but in form of designed HTML tables. Benefits of this new feature:
    • Clear presentation of information that is relevant to the user
    • Better separation of automatically generated content and message text
    • Adaption of tables to your corporate design in terms of color, logo, slogan etc.
  • Centralized management of Cryptshare for Outlook add-in settings on the server
  • New and easy management of language packs


Cryptshare for Outlook V2:

Innovations in the user interface

  • A modern, completely renovated design
  • An upload / download manager integrated as a sidebar that allows you to keep a complete overview of all sent and received transfers at any time
  • Transfer passwords are stored encrypted in the user profile of the sender. The sender can look up passwords in the Upload Manager at any time.
  • Thanks to the download manager, incoming encrypted messages and files can be downloaded directly in MS Outlook. It is no longer necessary to open the browser to receive messages or files.
  • Incoming files can be attached to imported e-mails or notifications in the Inbox or can be saved in the file system (depending on the content of the transfers and the file size).
  • Subject lines can now also be encrypted to protect against social engineering.
  • The use of Cryptshare is now possible from all e-mail accounts set up in the same Outlook client. Different accounts can also be connected to different Cryptshare Servers.
  • Folders and folder structures can now be attached to outgoing messages.
  • A wizard helps users in solving policy violations with regard to the maximum size of transfers or unauthorized recipients.

Administrative innovations

  • Add-in settings can now be managed centrally on the Cryptshare Server.
  • Users of the add-in now also have to accept the Terms of Use, provided that Terms of Use are set up and enabled on the server.
  • Administrative warning thresholds and size limits can be set up for the storage of sent and received files in MS Outlook mailboxes.

Installation and Configuration

  • Add-in settings can already be pre-configured during roll-out via msiexec parameters. 
  • User-friendly settings wizard guides the user through setting up the connection to the Cryptshare Server and entering personal sender information (if not already pre-set by the administrator during roll-out).
  • Personal information of the sender (first name, last name, phone number) is pre-populated from Active Directory (if not already pre-set by the administrator during roll-out).

Experience these and other new features that will make your business communication secure, easy and productive. We would be delighted to have you on board and hear your feedback!

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