The ActivID Authentication Agents are part of HID Global’s strong authentication solution that integrates with third-party systems including Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services and Active Directory® Federation Services (AD FS). This enables authentication into Microsoft Office365 and other key applications. The Agents interact with the ActivID Authentication Server, Appliance or AAA Server to protect vital corporate resources running on Microsoft Windows® servers.

ActivID® Authentication Agents 4.0 support for two new environments:
• The ActivID AD FS Authentication Provider protects internal web applications and the connection to cloud applications using a second authentication factor based on one-time passwords (OTPs) for Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services users.
• The ActivID Authentication Agent for Remote Desktop Services provides a second authentication factor based on OTPs. It is ideal for users accessing Microsoft Remote Desktop resources from outside the corporate network via Remote Desktop Web Access, Remote Desktop Gateway, or other connections that do not requiring VPN.
The Authentication Agents are available free of charge to customers with valid maintenance agreements for either ActivID Authentication Server, ActivID Appliance or AAA Server. 

The ActivID Authentication 4.0 solution is available immediately. Contact Virtual Security for more information.