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Aruba Central Management


Aruba Central Management
€ 121,00

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1 year subscription for cloud based network management for 1 AP, including access to 24x7 online/phone support


The Aruba Central network management solution, designed as a software-as-a-service subscription in the cloud, gives you streamlined management for multiple Aruba Instant wireless networks.

Aruba Central is a key component of Aruba cloud Wi-Fi, which includes Aruba Instant access points that self-organize into wireless LANs (WLANs) managed by a lead access point (AP) with embedded controller functionality.

With the Aruba cloud Wi-Fi solution, all user control and data traffic stay local within the Instant WLAN, with network management information going to Aruba Central in the cloud.

This design means you have no management appliances to install and maintain, locally or in the datacenter, which keeps costs low. Plus, your network stays available, since you have all the functionality you need locally, with no dependence on WAN links.

This management license is used with optional Access points



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