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HID ActivID Mini Token AT


HID ActivID Mini Token AT
€ 350,00
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Actividentity Mini Token AT (Time Based) with clock - 25 unit

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Actividentity Mini Token AT (Time Based) with clock - 25 unit SKU: BMT101P200

Benefits HID ( formerly Actividentity) Mini Token AT (Time Based)

Stronger security than passwords.
One-time passwords are generated on the token with a standards-based algorithm for higher security and fraud deterrence.

Small and light 
The compact and portable design makes it easy to carry and enables users to perform secure online banking over any contact channel.

One touch operation 
Users simply press a single button togenerate a secure one-time password that is used to confirm their digitalidentity. The simple interface ensures lower support costs.

Long life 
With average usage the Activld Mini Token will have an 8 year life expectancy, reducing administration and replacement costs.